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Rapid release therapy utilizes a hand held high speed vibrational device that uses specific frequencies that are 3-4 times faster than other vibration devices. The specific frequency that RRT uses was chosen because of its effect on scar tissue adhesions, the ability to elicit a tonic vibrational reflex (TVR) which helps untangle muscle fiber knots, and the ability to increase hyaluronic acid pressure in the fascia which eases movement.


RRT is very useful in relaxing the paraspinal and cervical muscles before an adjustment.  Most patients who have experienced it report a rapid release of tension in tight areas.  Dr. Matt has had the opportunity to use this device on some of the fittest humans on the planet while he served as a medical staff volunteer at the CrossFit games.

Rapid Release treatments are usually no longer than 5 minutes and are currently being offered as an add-on to a chiropractic adjustment for $10. You can add this service to your next appointment here.

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